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Business Process Optimisation

We take responsibility for your unique challenges as if they were our own, delivering the optimal set of services and the best people to deliver the transformation or change, so that it results in an impactful lasting change.


Enterprise Business Process Optimisation Accelerator

Most business objectives are achieved more easily or quickly, when enabled by a clear understanding of the organisations business processes, whether that is one of your core value-creating processes or a supporting one. Whether you’re:

  • merging with or acquiring another business
  • implementing new core systems
  • aiming to automate your business processes
  • starting or struggling with digital transformation

or maybe:

  • your operating model needs to adjust to the current business environment
  • you just need to help your colleagues better understand how the work they do connects with others and help them get the job doing right-first time.

A sustainable suite of agreed business processes is a critical success factor. After all, you can’t change, improve or communicate what you do, without a clear visualisation of it.

Delivery - PACE Style

You almost certainly already know that, your challenge is how to get there in the most efficient and effective way. You may have experienced the traditional business process workshop approach using brown-paper or a whiteboard, with the workshop wrapping up with someone rolling up the paper or taking a picture, for some poor soul to have to convert (hopefully) and share the content in a week or two (if you’re lucky). Not only is this extremely inefficient, but momentum is lost as the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in the workshop have to wait to receive the output and typically become disengaged. The content they finally receive looks different to how they remember seeing it in the room – buy-in is hard to establish and maintain.

@PACE we take a very different and more valuable approach. Our talented consultants run live process workshops (either face-to-face or online) to capture existing and/or design new business processes with your SMEs, at the speed of conversation. Workshop participants comment on the positive experience of seeing their input being acted-on, live, in front of their eyes, and how we made so much more progress compared to previous attempts. At the end of a workshop everyone has a common and agreed understanding of the process (which in itself really helps collaboration and decision making).

Instant Access for Continued Collaboration

After the workshop everyone involved has immediate access to the process content online, in an easy to consume format to be able to share with colleagues and continue the collaboration outside the workshop. The time taken to reach an agreed set of business processes is typically 70% quicker with PACE, than following the traditional approach. To further aid our customers we come armed with a library of process accelerators (sector and subject matter specific starting points) to further accelerate the process work.

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