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Being good at anything in life takes practice, perseverance, resilience and most importantly an open mind that never stops learning and improving. We’d like to think the version of us today is better than the ‘us’ of yesterday but not as good as the version of ‘us’ next year.  PACE is our consultancy evolution, it’s time to re-imagine how Professional Services are delivered.


Martin Rowland - PACE Chairman

Martin Rowland


Martin brings extensive business management, industry knowledge and investment experience to PACE. In the role of Chairman Martin outlines the goals for the company and his personal approach: PACE will relentlessly focus on the use of knowledge to deliver change, driving improved outcomes for its clients. The Accelerator principal is born out of the management team’s passion to deliver effective and rapid change, where automation is at the heart of this change process. The knowledge centric approach sets PACE apart from other organisations. My desire is to help the team build a business that protects its core principles and serves clients in a truly partnership manner, where risks and rewards are shared.

Tim Bretman CEO

Tim Bretman


My list of learnings started with a career in the Royal Marines where I was surrounded by outstanding leaders, part of a highly  capable team, experiencing awe inspiring camaraderie and delivering outcomes with a laser focus on achieving the Objectives. After a change of direction, I was running projects across the UK’s major airports, from the Marines to Technology Project Management, the only difference being the Muck & Bullets, everything else was the same (Leadership, Teamwork, Objectives), leading a UK wide network transformation for 7 airports including Heathrow – this was the best education of my life!

Danny Hargest Infrastructure Director

Danny Hargest

Infrastructure Director

With over 30 year’s experience in the design, implementation and project management of IT and network infrastructure solutions of the highest UK PLC importance. I have developed a flexible, customer focussed approach to solving client problems. As a proven leader of large teams of experienced professionals, I really enjoy the thrill of directing teams project success and ultimately achieving our customers business goals, whilst making the most of a natural style of open and honest communication. Specialising in large campus delivery my achievements include 7 of the largest airports in the UK including Heathrow and Gatwick.

Ed Hook - PACE

Ed Hook

Director of Consulting

I have 25 years of working in customer-facing consulting and consulting management roles. For the past 15 years I have applied my ‘passion for process’ to helping customers take a process-led approach to their business challenges, whether that be a systems implementation; regulatory and compliance initiative; introduction of an enterprise “How do I” knowledge base; process improvement project….the list goes on. The success of my work with these customers was recognised with company and industry awards. I'm excited to be joining PACE, our aim is to transform the way consulting services are delivered, with business process excellence embedded at the heart of the business and in every customer assignment, we will surface our Knowledge to accelerate project outcomes; introduce automation and AI-driven solutions. In addition to owning the success of our services, I also own our process-based “Knowledge Hub”, which our colleagues and customers will benefit from tapping into.

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