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Tim Bretman CEO

My list of learnings started with a career in the Royal Marines where I was surrounded by outstanding leaders, part of a highly  capable team, experiencing awe inspiring camaraderie and delivering outcomes with a laser focus on achieving the Objectives. After a change of direction, I was running projects across the UK’s major airports, from the Marines to Technology Project Management, the only difference being the Muck & Bullets, everything else was the same (Leadership, Teamwork, Objectives), leading a UK wide network transformation for 7 airports including Heathrow – this was the best education of my life!

I’m here to answer any questions you might have about our products and services. Feel free to contact me using any of the following methods:

My Experience

This is where I met a life long friend and professional colleague, we evolved together and created our very own projects consultancy, we spotted a gap in the market and were passionate that we would fix it. Founded on the solid principles of Culture & Values, a company that cares about its staff and its clients, we set about filing the gap in the project management marketplace. Over a period of 9 years we grew the business to 270 client facing consultants delivering Project, Process and Engineering services with an extremely loyal staff and customer base. Our business was acquired in 2017 with our founding customers and staff still in place, something we remain proud to have achieved, a real testament to the people and customer centric nature of our operation. Following acquisition and becoming an Exec Board Member I continued to lead, learn and grow from the rich experiences working with colleagues and customers, this time with people from a mix of backgrounds and experiences – we certainly weren’t the Marines and it certainly wasn’t a culture driven busines, but it was the right place for learning and the curve was steep, vast and valuable.

Bringing my bio right up to date I had the opportunity to have a period of reflection – using the time to take a close look at life, family and business, we don’t often have an opportunity for deep reflection and strategic thinking, but when recognised as gift it has become the most powerful period of my career to date, and the result is the launch of a new business, PACE. PACE is the culmination of lessons in Leadership, Customer Services, Culture and Values driven organisation and Business Management. We have gathered together an exceptional, like-minded team with one Mission – to surface our collective knowledge and experience in order to deliver outstanding results for our clients. We’re breaking away from the traditional Professional Services model and we’re going to shake up the industry again as we did in 2008. I look forward to putting the latest version of me into PACE and getting back in to the ring with an outstanding team.

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