Pace works with organisations that are looking to turnaround diminishing profits, be more efficient, unlock potential from its people, systems or data, change successfully, or looking for areas to grow.

Harnessing human autonomy is the concept of protecting the freedom of workforces to make decisions and take ownership of their work, whilst being aided by efficient processes and systems. When people have the autonomy to innovate and experiment, they feel empowered and motivated to excel.

Meet the team

Pace’s people are diverse experts that lead business through process design, system design and complex change management. Pace regards its people as Pacesetters.

Welcome to the team

Alasdair Penman

Christof Taylor-Smith

Colin Gibbs

David Oliver

Ed Hook

Jane Ansell

Joe Barrs

Luke Grose

Ryan Deamer

Tim Bretman

Pace’s History

Pace’s story is one of perseverance and commitment to changing the results and reputation of the consulting industry. From it came a focus on prioritising people’s needs in process and system design.


The seeds are planted as we learnt our trade on large scale, complex infrastructure projects in secure and operationally challenging environments.


Pace’s founders have now been in industry for 10 years and are growing frustrated with sub-standard delivery from our suppliers providing project management and IT professional services. They decide to resolve it and develop their own project management function.


The project management function is a success and their services are in such demand that a business is born in it’s own right, a consultancy called CCM.


CCM wins its first major project to manage the implementation of systems within the redevelopment of Heathrow’s Terminal 2. Law firm Linklaters signs a 5 year contract with CCM.


More wins follow with Eversheds, S&S and NRF.


CCM wins Gatwick and Sussex University


CCM has grown to 200 staff and is acquired by Roc Technologies.


Roc Technologies creates a Professional Services division using the project management team from CCM and merges it with its process consultancy team


Founder Tim Bretman (an original member of the CCM team) leaves Roc Technologies and forms Pace, immediately winning HCA and HFW as customers, attributable to Pace’s trusted reputation and ingenious use of process methodology. There was unfinished business with the original mission; to change the reputation and results of management consulting.


Pace grew 40%.


Pace expands its customer list in the legal sector to win three new major firms.


A year of wins for Pace, welcoming Aria, winning its first direct award NHS assignment and growing 37%.


Pace launches its brand and counts a total roster of 19 customers, serviced by a team of more than 75 consultants and project managers. Pace wins its first aviation client celebrating a return to the sector for the original team. Pace continues to gain momentum, with keen interest from investors.

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