human autonomy

Quicker, more engaged, and motivated workforces; Pace advocates harnessing human autonomy as the solution to tackling global inefficiency, currently estimated at costing organisations $15tnpa.


Our services enable organisations to mobilise strategies more efficiently and with greater impact.

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Pace's services are agnostic, but we operate sector-specific teams to manage specialist and complex change requirements.

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Pace delivers the link between an organisation’s strategy and its operations, by empowering workforces to pursue autonomous courses of action through better process, system and operation design that serve the best interests of the organisation, its strategy and customers harmoniously.

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What we do

Pace breaks popular misconceptions that processes and systems must be fixed and inflexible to be efficient. Process disconnection is cited as the no.1 underlying cause and congruently research shows that autonomy, competence, and relatedness are the three basic psychological needs that create fulfilled, motivated and engaged workforces.

Where we do it

Pace provides processes and systems that enable workforces to pursue autonomous courses of action that serve the best interests of an organisation and its customers harmoniously.

Our work spans commercial, operations, I.T. and culture functions and serves to welcome the future of automation and AI with the right foundations, understanding and structure in place.