SAP will discontinue support for ECC in 2027. Are you ready?

Written by Luke Grose
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SAP has announced that ECC will be discontinued in 2027 and marks a pivotal moment for businesses to reshape operational processes whilst considering basic needs of its workforce. Pace’s stance is that this should not just be about adopting a new system; it’s about tailoring it to fit the unique fabric of our organisation.

By custom-designing solutions, we safeguard a workforces’ ability to work in a way that suits them best. Imagine a system that seamlessly integrates with our workflows, streamlining tasks, and amplifying productivity. That’s the potential Pace is tapping into.

But it’s more than just efficiency—it’s about empowering people. When Pace design systems around human needs, it fosters a culture of ownership and innovation. Workforces feel valued and engaged, leading to higher morale and better outcomes. This approach isn’t just about technology; it’s about putting humans at the center of our transformation journey.

So, let’s embrace this opportunity to not just upgrade our systems, but to elevate the entire employee experience. The benefits are clear: happier employees, smoother operations, and a more agile organisation ready to tackle whatever the future holds.

  • Have you got a plan for the de-comissioning and re-commissioning of your ERP?
  • Are you people working together in the most efficient way?
  • Is this an opportunity to redesign business processes, before simply re-fitting a system

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